dc0 acting up

Stephen McKay smckay at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 29 17:55:07 PDT 2004

On Thursday, 30th September 2004, Savchuk Taras wrote:

>I have made changes in "sys/pci/if_dc.c" as you said and have had this outout 
>during "buildkernel":
>n-long-strings -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 -ffreestanding 
>-Werror  /usr/src/sys/pci/if_dc.c
>/usr/src/sys/pci/if_dc.c: In function `dc_setcfg':
>/usr/src/sys/pci/if_dc.c:1369: warning: unused variable `i'
>/usr/src/sys/pci/if_dc.c:1370: warning: unused variable `isr'
>*** Error code 1

Sorry about that chief.  It seems like warnings are fatal nowadays.  To
satisfy the compiler you would also have to delete (or comment out) the
declarations for "i" and "isr" up a few lines at 1369 and 1370.


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