nsupdate(8) rc.d Script

Michael Joyner mjoyner at vbservices.net
Wed Sep 29 05:08:38 PDT 2004

M$ DNS runs on top of M$ AD

I am hoping your script (not tested it yet) will save me the hassle
of having to manually put the unit's hostname into /etc/dhclient.conf.

It would probably be nice if dhclient had an option to auto-send the
machine's assigned hostname in /etc/rc.conf to the DHCP server (M$)
as the M$ DHCP server, if set to, will auto-update the M$ DNS to add the 
machine's hostname to DNS.

If there is such an option, I can't find it. :)

I am thinking that your script may allow a simple '="YES"' entry in 
/etc/rc.conf and have it directly update the DNS records whether the 
machine is using static IP or dynamic IP, which would be *extremely* 
nice in a M$ controlled network.

Now if only someone would come up with "pam_add_user_to_master.passwd"
along with a "pam_make_user_a_home_dir" upon a successful KRB 
authenticated login. :) (or maybe a pam_root_preexec ala SAMBA)

Maybe even a pam_cache_credentials for laptops. :)

Crist J. Clark wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 02:09:38PM -0400, Michael Joyner wrote:
>>I think this would be exremely useful for *bsd machines on Active 
>>Directory networks.
> Microsoft Active Directory? I thought that was bastardized LDAP? It
> uses DNS updates for something? If so, let me know if there is anything
> to do to make the script more useful in such an environment.
>>This way I can (hopefully) stop mucking around with /etc/dhclient.conf
>>to get it to send 'hostname' to the DNS server and DHCP server.
> Is it a ISC DHCP server? I've had a pretty easy time getting FreeBSD
> clients to send hostname info which the DHCP server which then does
> updates to a BIND DNS server. Like I said earlier, my original motivation
> was self-updating for IPv6 addresses just like IPv6 hosts pretty much
> configure themselves with rtsol(8). Well, since it's all ISC software,
> you would hope it all plays well together. Does using MS in the mix make
> life rough?

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