Random processes hanging in unkillable state in -BETA6

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Wed Sep 29 00:57:28 PDT 2004

Damian Gerow wrote:
> Thus spake Julian Elischer (julian at elischer.org) [29/09/04 00:48]:
> : If you look at them with ps -alxH are they all (in particular dig)
> : all threaded programs?
> Yes, they are.
> They all seem to be in an RL state.  All the dig processes are in RL+,
> whereas dig processes started by root are in RXL+.  There is one hung gdb
> dig process, which is in SL.  Note that these have all been running for at
> least three hours at this point.

the time is not important they will never recover..
you might do the following.. if you have ddb in the kernel..

go to console
<CTL><ALT><ESC> to go to ddb

look for the process.. note that several threads show up..
there will be a kg (ksegrp) associated with ech thread (some
may be associated with > 1 thread.)

of the address of the kg is 0xAB123456
then do:
x/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 0xAB123456

for each kg

and let me see the result(s)..

> Thanks, Julian.

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