Pete Carss itinerant at
Tue Sep 28 10:42:22 PDT 2004

So, I'm enjoying BETA_6 on my HP nx9005 - I haven't run FreeBSD on this
for a while - acpi seems to be in a much better state, but I have a few

Sleep mode 1 is not supported. Does this mean its not supported by my bios
(I doubt this, as XP can get it into this mode) or does it mean that
FreeBSD's implementation does not support this mode? If the latter, is it
likely to stay this way. Is there somewhere I could help get my laptop

What's the status of powernow support - I'm using the powernow_k7 module -
but I swear that some sort of power management was working before, more so
than around 5.2.1?


Pete Carss

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