USB memory stick hotswap problems

edwinculp edwinculp at
Mon Sep 27 08:55:57 PDT 2004

Quoting Ivan Voras <ivoras at>:

> Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>> One possibility would be to add a facility to mark all the data for
>> a certain device to be non-critical so it will throw it away when it
>> tries to flush it and fails instead of panicing.
> That (and a message in syslog) would be just fine. ("Windows does it, so
> it's normal".) I know (and I think other USB drive users know too) that
> I need to wait for the little LED on the device to stop blinking before
> unplugging it.
> IIRC, Windows mounts removable drives with write caching disabled, so it
> should probably be the same in FreeBSD.

Would it not be a good idea to do something like this for cd's and floppies?

I'm substituting FreeBSD for windows in some internet cafes.  Not automatically recovering from unmounted cd's, floppies and usbdev's, is probably the biggest PITA that I've found and haven't been able to solve cleanly.  I've had to put icons on the kde-desktop for accessing and removing them that many just ignore.  This is also the case in a corporate environment where I have had the same problem but they are a little better at using the
icon because it is their pc that crashes :)



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