Laptop recommendations?

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Tue Sep 28 02:04:17 PDT 2004

В пн, 27/09/2004 в 10:13 -0600, M. Warner Losh пишет:
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>             Josef Karthauser <joe at> writes:
> : My previous machine was a Sony Vaio which I loved, but was fairly
> : expensive and the repair support wasn't very good.  Dell's support was
> : much better and I'd prefer a Dell I think, but I don't know whether more
> : recent models fair better with power management support, etc.
> So far my Sony PCG-Z1WA has been trouble free.  More trouble free than
> my 505TS ever was.

Does you manage to get suspend/resume working on PCG-Z1WA ?
It is only thing I dislike in it.
All other - is almost ideal.

Even wireless card now has native freebsd 802.11g driver.

No problems with fans and long life on battery 
(with est/estctrl and setbrightness)

One another small issue (currently I do not known how to fix, but have
not try hard to find solution):

Once attached memory stick umass0 device never detached.
So if you change memory stick card it is da0 drive does not reset
geometry, camcontrol rescan does not helps. USB do not indicate detach
event (an looks like not supposed to do it).
So to do rescan da0 geometry I need to kldunload umass and then load it

> Warner

Vladimir B. Grebenchikov
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