Proper way to run bind9

Crist J. Clark cristjc at
Mon Sep 27 22:41:13 PDT 2004

Has the crew importing BIND 9 considered whether this may be
a chance to move FreeBSD's default home for zone files out
of /etc/namedb? Leaving named.conf under /etc is perfectly
fine, but I've always found something... unsavory about having
slave and dynamic zone files living under /etc. That is, I,
and I know some others as well, find the idea of having daemon
processes writing files in /etc suboptimal. It also messes
with that dream of a FreeBSD where / and /usr (if they are
not on one partition anyway) can easily be mounted read-only
without breaking stuff.

Yes, of course, the purists can configure the BIND root to
be anywhere, but defaulting to /etc still seems like a bad
way to start off those who do not know any better. Perhaps
this is an opportunity to move to a /var/named or something
like that?
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