Mixer settings revert to zero

Adam Smith adam at internode.com.au
Mon Sep 27 19:23:05 PDT 2004


With the recent changes to the sound drivers, will the mixer begin working
like it used to before 5.3 is released?  The release notes for 5.3-BETA6
say that "the sound(4) driver reads /boot/device.hints on startup, to allow
setting of default values for mixer channels."

But this doesn't seem to be happening.  The release notes also say the
device driver's name is still pcm, however I couldn't find this in
/boot/device.hints.  In my particular case, I am using the device ich for
my sound.

Because the mixer settings are not being picked up properly, upon boot, my
system's mixer settings all revert to zero.  I have to fix them manually by
applying levels to 'pcm' and 'vol'.

Is this a problem across the board at the moment with mixer settings, or
applicable to only certain drivers (such as ich?)  Is there anything I can
do to fix the problem, or will it be fixed before 5.3?


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