? witness_get: witness exhausted ? Re(4): panic: sorele

Evren Yurtesen yurtesen at ispro.net.tr
Mon Sep 27 18:10:20 PDT 2004

John Baldwin wrote:

> On Monday 27 September 2004 09:34 pm, Evren Yurtesen wrote:
>>Robert Watson wrote:
>>>On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Evren Yurtesen wrote:
>>>>Does anybody know what is panic: sorele? :)
>>>It's the result of an inconsistency detected by the kernel regarding
>>>kernel invariants for sockets.  The somewhat uninformative nature of the
>>>message is historical, and should probably be fixed.  If this is
>>>reproduceable, could you rebuild your kernel with INVARIANTS support, as
>>>well as DDB so you can generate a stack trace and other debugging
>>>information (or, if you have a core, could you use gdb to extract
>>>debugging information per the Handbook?)
>>I am not able to compile the kernel with DDB and INVARIANTS either...
>>When I put these options to kernel conf, I get this error
>>Options Added:
>>options         INVARIANTS
>>options         KDB
>>options         DDB
> INVARIANTS requires the option 'INVARIANT_SUPPORT'.

Well, now I could compile the kernel with invariants etc. but I get this 
error at boot time.

witness_get: witness exhausted

What does this mean now? :) I read from archives that it means that some 
buffers are exhausted that it doesnt do lock order checking anymore, but 
why would it give that error at boot time?


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