Laptop recommendations?

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Sep 27 17:39:46 PDT 2004


Sean McNeil wrote:
> I'd say this is a minor nit that you could get use to over time.  My
> biggest complaint for all laptops is a decent mouse replacement.  I'm no
> fan of glidepoints or eraser mice.  Plus, no 3 buttons - 1 for macs, 2
> for pcs.
This is not really true. I have an Fujitsu P2120 whoch has three mouse 
buttons and a stick. The main problem with it is that it is out of 

> I have to say that a powerbook is one high quality piece of work.  My

The hardware of the powerbooks is real nice. Metal cases give the 
notebooks the extra strength they need when used outside an office.


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