Make installworld problems with BETA4 through 6

Adam Smith adam at
Mon Sep 27 17:01:32 PDT 2004

Since about BETA4, I've been having installworld problems.

My process for doing a make installworld was:

cd /usr/src
make update
make buildworld
make buildkernel KERNCONF=KERNEL
make installkernel KERNCONF=KERNEL
shutdown now
make installworld

Now, there were no problems with the buildworld.  The installworld breaks

install -o root  -g wheel -m 444 /usr/share/nls/en_US.US-ASCII/
install:  /usr/share/nls/en)_US-ASCII/ No such flie or directory

* * * Error code 71

I had to copy that from screen because I had no mouse and I was in single
user mode and.. oh, it was difficult :P

But anyway, because this has been happening I have been getting a broken
installworld.  That's not good.  I cvsupped last night and tried it with
BETA6 but still the same problem.

Anyone experience this or, anyone with any ideas?

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