Firefox breaks in upgrade from -BETA2 -> -BETA6

Damian Gerow dgerow at
Mon Sep 27 15:57:20 PDT 2004

Thus spake Ryan Sommers (ryans at [27/09/04 18:55]:
: Could this have to do with the major threading changes? Do you have 
: anything in /etc/libmap.conf? How recently have you done a portupgrade 
: -af? I'm doing a portupgrade on one of my systems now; I'll see if I see 
: similar results when it hits firefox.

Major threading change between the BETAs?  Huh?  Unless there was something
that I *seriously* missed in UPDATING or on current@, my threading libraries
haven't changed in the past few weeks.

My applicable libmap.conf entries:

Then there's some stuff for the linux-pluginwrapper, but that's not an issue
yet -- as I can't even install it without this unkillable hang.  (For the
record, it's exactly as the install docs tell you to do it.)

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