[amd64] 5.3-BETA5-disc1 cannot boot with HDAMD and 29329A-R

NAKAJI Hiroyuki nakaji at jp.freebsd.org
Mon Sep 27 15:44:31 PDT 2004


I tried 5.3-BETA5 yesterday on my new Dual Opteron PC and failed.
Of cource, I will try BETA6 today.

The parts of this PC are,

o Adaptec 29320A-R
o Ultra320 drives of Seagate
o ATAPI DVD-combo drive

It can boot from disc1, but after "Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices
to settle" message, it hangs up. Or does it take looooooooooooog time
about "15 seconds"? I waited 10 or more minutes...

BTW, I tested some cases,

1. With HostRAID, Windows XP Pro. (32-bit) works good with high
2. Without HostRAID, Windows XP 64-bit Edition can work.
3. With or without HostRAID, FreeBSD/amd64 5.3-BETA cannot boot...
4. Without HostRAID, Fedora Core 2 can be installed. :(
NAKAJI Hiroyuki

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