Laptop recommendations?

Rob rob at
Mon Sep 27 08:35:44 PDT 2004

Scott Lambert wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 03:00:35PM +0200, Rainer Duffner wrote:
>>I still don't know if I should replace my Inspiron 4000 with a PowerBook
>>or with a x86-laptop - the price of a D600 seems to come very close
>>anyway and the PB would be hassle-free in the ACPI-departement at
> I've had reasonably good luck running FreeBSD on laptops the past 6
> years.  The support gets better all the time.  Project Evil is the
> beautiful.  Everyone has done a lot of great work getting the hardware
> support together.  However, this Powerbook (15", 1.3GHz) and OS X 10.3.5
> is really nice, especially if you have a digital camera.  
> There are some different hassles from running FreeBSD but in general it
> is a much lower hassle environment, for me.  It is nice to be able to
> slam the lid, toss it in the bag, and be sure everything will be right
> where you left it in a few hours when you open it up again.
> My biggest complaint is the same as about my last x86 laptop.  I hate
> touchpads.
I'd recommend Dell, even though it appears their quality has taken a hit 
lately, assembly I believe in a new very large country, haha. What  I 
like is the 1 day service option.  Here on my Dell 8600, 1 have had the 
mobo replaced 2 times, first for dead parallel port and second for bios 
hardware problems.  And soon will have keyboard replaced, as soon as I 
contact the nice lady in India.   It sounds negative, but the only 
downside is letting in the technician and setting him up on the kitchen 
table.   Rob.    ps. my old 8200 has only ever needed a  new ps

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