Software RAID1 with atacontrol

Brad Knowles brad at
Mon Sep 27 07:01:49 PDT 2004

At 11:46 AM +0200 2004-09-27, Thomas Pornin wrote:

>  I am trying to use the RAID features provided by the ata driver in 5.3.
>  My machine uses 5.3-BETA5, cvsupped on September 24th, 2004. Kernel is
>  almost identical to GENERIC: I just deactivated I486_CPU and I586_CPU
>  (machine is an Athlon XP), SMP, and replaced SCHED_4BSD with SCHED_ULE.

	Don't use SCHED_ULE in a production system.  It has known issues, 
and they are being worked out in the 6.0-CURRENT tree.  When they are 
fixed, those changes will be merged back.  Unless you're ready to run 
a 6.0-CURRENT system and help make these fixes, stick with SCHED_4BSD.

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