Laptop recommendations?

Søren Schmidt sos at
Mon Sep 27 06:10:59 PDT 2004

Josef Karthauser wrote:
> My Dell Inspiron 5000e is getting a bit long in the tooth, and the
> keyboard has just packed in :( so I'm in the market for a new laptop.
> Does anyone have any recommendations for me?  In particular I want a
> working ACPI/suspend interface and this Dell has never been supported
> well - fans on all the time, doesn't resume properly, etc.
> My previous machine was a Sony Vaio which I loved, but was fairly
> expensive and the repair support wasn't very good.  Dell's support was
> much better and I'd prefer a Dell I think, but I don't know whether more
> recent models fair better with power management support, etc.
> Any helpful hints would be gladly received.

Got and Acer Travelmate 8005Lmi here, works pretty well, and 
sufficiently fast (make buildworld in ~35mins).

Everything except suspend/resume works on releng_5/current as is, you 
need ndis for the builtin Intel wireless though.
Havn't played with the bluetooth stuff yet, so no idea there.

Note that ACPI suspend/resume has been broken on several laptops since 
early august, it worked just fine before that, so its a matter of our 
ACPI support getting its thing together again...



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