ATA disk performance (ICH2 controller), some tests and comparison with Linux 2.6.5

dima _pppp at
Mon Sep 27 04:58:22 PDT 2004

> >
> > is about 488 MB, rate about 100 MB/sec!!
> >
> How much ram do you have? I think Linux is tricking you here, caching
> the writes in ram.
Linux is "tricking" you mounting it's filesystems async by default.
I was getting the same performance as in linux mounting an ufs
filesystem with -o async, but in the case of copying from another
(mounted with -o noatime option only fs). In either was copying from the
same drive performes much worse than a linux (say, 55MB/s vs 11MB/s on a
modern SCSI drive).
So, it's not an ATA problem only.

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