Sound performance problems in FreeBSD

Ryan Freeman ryan at
Sun Sep 26 16:12:01 PDT 2004

> On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 00:15:20 -0700, Ryan Freeman <ryan at> wrote:
> >hello, sorry to drag up a slightly outdated topic, but i just installed  
> >5.3beta5
> >and i'm having the same issue. the last time i used freebsd was back in  
> >march at...


> >>An easy way to reproduce these
> >>skips is to run `while true; do sysctl vm.vmtotal; done`, while
> >>playing an mp3.
> >

i'm wondering if the reason that the problem doesn't occur for the first
few hours is that when you first boot up not much memory has been used and
then set inactive and such. like right now, i just upgraded to 5.3beta6,
and since i booted up i have 484mb free. when the problem was last occuring i
had almost no memory free, most of it was set to cached or inactive. ideas?

- ryan

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