new fdc(4) and new fdcontrol(8) behavior (5.3-BETA5)

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sun Sep 26 14:08:37 PDT 2004

[[ Rostislav sent me dmesg off line ]]


You have no ACPI, so you are using only PNP and PNPBIOS to enumerate
your devices.

The 'hints' device is selected in preference to the PNPBIOS device,
which is backwards (the PNPBIOS devices should take precidence).  This
is why you are seeing what you are seeing.  I think this is a bug, but
need to consult with some folks to make sure.

It works because ISA devices are always mapped and we're talking to
the right registers.  We're not allocating them, so there's a small
chance for collision with the more dynamic parts of the system.  Since
you aren't doing dynamic things, you aren't colliding so things work.


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