ATA disk performance (ICH2 controller), some tests andcomparison with Linux 2.6.5

Doug Russell drussell at
Sun Sep 26 12:03:44 PDT 2004

I suppose this should probably be moved to -chat.....

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004, Michael Nottebrock wrote:

> Supporting and being used on common-but-not-so-good hardware is one of the
> best (and oldest) traditions of FreeBSD. :-)

Oh, that it is!  (Still doesn't mean the hardware is good. :) )

I found a 5.25" floppy the other day labeled "FreeBSD CPIO", and it got me
thing about what version it actually was when I first loaded FreeBSD on an
old MFM hard disk.  It was a slightly old version, just after another was
released, and I remember being so impressed with it that I went out the
next day and bought a shiny new IDE disk to make a dedicated FreeBSD box,
as I knew instantly that evening that I'd be running this OS permanently.

It now accounts for nearly every one of my boxen.  :)

Maybe I'll go dig up an MFM controller and my pile of ancient disks.  I
think I know which one it was on even (I think it is an an 80 meg full
height Micropolis)....  it's probably still on there.  :)

Later......						<Doug>

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