USB memory stick hotswap problems

Benjamin Lutz benlutz at
Sat Sep 25 17:13:52 PDT 2004

> panic.
> You must unmount volumes before removing them from the system. Otherwise
> there is unflushed dirty data that will get lost, causing data
> corruption on the volume.  You will get a panic since the system doesn't
> know what to do with the data and wants to avoid causing any further
> damage.

Seems that in this case panicing does more damage, instead of of just the
not yet flushed data on the usb stick, you lose everything you've just
been working on that's not yet been saved to disk.

Sure, it probably does wonders for user education...

Seriously though, can't this be changed? When I find myself in the
situation of having unplugged my usb stick, it appears there's nothing I
can do to rectify the situation, except ignore the mounted file system.
Not exactly a comfortable position for a unix system admin.

Unfortunately, I'm not a kernel hacker.

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