Proper way to run bind9

Sean McNeil sean at
Fri Sep 24 17:06:13 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 16:44, Doug Barton wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Sean McNeil wrote:
> DES made an honest mistake in rc.conf. I was waiting for him to back it 
> out himself, but apparently he's off having a life or something. :)  I 
> went ahead and fixed it a bit ago.

I see that has gone in.  Thanks!

> You mentioned "some files," do you know of anywhere else that it is not 
> correct?

This is white noise.  Sorry.  I thought that the intention was to move
it to /var/run/named.conf so I changed my /etc/named/named.conf.  I put
it back when I realized that the pid file had to be in a directory owned
by bind.

> > Also, the /etc/rc.d/named script will do an
> >
> > ln -fs "${named_chrootdir}${pidfile}" ${pidfile}
> >
> > if named_symlink_enable is set (which is by default).  Please protect
> > this with
> >
> > if [ -n "$named_chrootdir" ]; then
> On my system this fails harmlessly, but you're right, it shouldn't be 
> run if there is no chroot. I'll commit a fix for this in a second.

I appreciate it.  It probably would fail harmlessly for me too after I
figured out what was going on.

> > for those who do not have a chrootdir.  Otherwise we end up with a
> > recursive link.
> Actually the final result of this situation depends on the configuration 
> options. But you're right, this bullet should be removed from the 
> foot-shooting gun.
> >> To answer Grover's question, it really depends on what you want to use
> >> it for. The system named.conf will run fine for bind 9 as a resolver,
> >> now that the /etc/rc.d/named script has been updated to create an
> >> rndc.key file if one doesn't exist.
> >
> > This is broken too.  If named_chrootdir isn't set, then confgen_chroot
> > doesn't get set and it messes up the invokation of rndc-confgen.  I
> > think taking the "" off of the ${confgen_chroot} will solve this but I'm
> > not sure.
> Only broken for the non-chroot case. :)  You're right about the fix 
> though, I committed the wrong version when I was testing it last night. 
> Thanks for the bug report.

My pleasure.  Glad to help any little way I can to make FreeBSD what it


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