cd9660 filesystem broken?

Paul Mather paul at
Wed Sep 22 11:03:48 PDT 2004

I upgraded my -CURRENT system (both userland and kernel) via recent
sources (circa 21st September, 2004) and one side effect seems to have
been that mounting cd9660 filesystems has broken---partially.

I say "partially" because I can mount CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs.  I can see
the directory and files.  If I try to access the file content, however,
I get something like "Socket operation on non-socket" or "Operation not

I don't believe this is a hardware problem.  For example, I can watch a
DVD-Video via ogle under the current kernel; I just can't access any of
the files when mounting the disc via mount_cd9660.  Also, CD-ROM and
DVD-ROM discs that previously were accessible (and are via the old
kernel) are no longer so.

I looked in UPDATING but couldn't spot anything I should have done that
I didn't.


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