Plans for after FreeBSD-5.3-RELEASE.

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Wed Sep 22 05:57:05 PDT 2004

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 13:18:41 +0200, Francois Tigeot <ftigeot at>  

> On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 12:46:35PM +0200, Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
>> After test FreeBSD-5.3-BETA5 + current ports, I'm very glad with how  
>> it's
>> worked out.
>> But I'm not convince about how X11, gnome and kde works together.
>> I've to develop a NetWS / Kiosk for a customer and need to work on this.
>> Is anyone interested on that?
>> My TODO List is now by that:
> [...]
>>  - Plans to specific support for NetBooting. NetWS, XTerminals, Kiosk
> You should be interested in this little project then:

   Thanks for the point, but we are happy with our actual setup.

	EPIA MII servers (c3 1,2 GHz).
	EPIA VE500 Clients (now to ME600 and up).
	PXE Booting with shared /, /usr, /home
	FreeBSD 4.10 (going to 5.3)
	KDE 3.2.3 (going to 3.3), semi-kiosk setup. ...

   Our main problem is that we need to do some tweaks to FreeBSD that
can go to ports and base.  We prefer share them that making local patches.

   Our main objection is that x11, gnome and kde are heavy (and happy)  

   Our ask is about comments, notes and approvals to:

     - patchs against src for /etc/rc.d/xdm and so.
     - patchs against xorg-clients (and sim) to move xinit/xdm config to  
     - patchs to get an uniform processing of Xresources, Xprofile, ...
     - patchs against gnome (mainly gdm) to share as much config as posible  
with X11
     - patchs against kde (mainly kdm in kdebase) with same purpose.


   We think that the path form 5.3 to 5.4 maybe short.  So we want work on  
   ASAP, but whithout interfering in 5.3 release cicle.

> It is a FreeBSD-based system you can netboot and use as a X-terminal.
> It is still quite VIA-Epia centric but runs on more hardware nowadays,
> contrary to what the documentation says.
> I just haven't had enough time to rewrite it properly...


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