isp(4) deadlocks

Lukas Ertl le at
Wed Sep 22 04:27:00 PDT 2004


I just got hold of a QLogic FC adapter, it's identified as:

none3 at pci6:1:0: class=0x0c0400 card=0x01001077 chip=0x23121077 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
     vendor   = 'QLogic Corporation'
     device   = 'QLA2312 SANblade 2300 64-bit FC-AL Adapter'
     class    = serial bus
     subclass = Fibre Channel

If I load the isp module, the box deadlocks hard.  Even with MP_WATCHDOG I 
can't get at any debug info.

Any ideas about that?  Is isp(4) still supported?


Lukas Ertl               
le at           

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