(BETA5-i386) de0: abnormal interrupt: transmit underflow

Joe O joeo at cracktown.com
Wed Sep 22 01:15:20 PDT 2004

I was seeing a similar behavior with a DE500 on 5.3-BETA4-i386 on and old
P200.  The machine eventually no longer responds over the network.

Sticking the card in promiscuous mode alleviates the severe
network lagginess.

replacing the card with an EEPRO or 3c905 also alleviates the problem.

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Klaus Robert Suetterlin wrote:

> I get some strange behaviour with my de0 card ... last stable
> behaviour was with 5.2.1-Release, I updated to BETA5 this week.
> As long as I do innocet stuff like ping everything seems to work.
> Once I transfer any useful data (i.e. make update, ssh, ftp, http,
> ...) The system responds (after approx 1 and 2 seconds) with
>    de0: abnormal interrupt: transmit underflow (raising TX threshold to 96|256)
>    de0: abnormal interrupt: transmit underflow (raising TX threshold to 128|512)
> and network transfer speed gets so slow I cannot even measure it.
> (Ping to my gateway on the local network takes 10 seconds and up.)
> By ifconfig de0 down|up I can reset the card and repeat as often
> as I please.
> The speed problem can be undone by setting debug.mpsafenet=0.
> Please tell me if I can give any diagnostics that might help.  Or
> if I can test any patches You might work on.
> Kind Regards, Robert S.
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> FreeBSD robert3.mpe-garching.mpg.de 5.3-BETA5 FreeBSD 5.3-BETA5 #0:
> Tue Sep 21 11:08:16 CEST 2004
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