Is HostRAID supported under FreeBSD???

Saulius Menkevicius bob at
Wed Sep 22 00:31:32 PDT 2004

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

>Yes, it is supported, however the RAID portion is not.  I'm still
>waiting on Soren and crew to get metadata support for the RAID portion
>of the ICH5-R -- this RAID controller is purely software-based, it is
>not a hardware RAID solution.
>In English: the controller will work fine as a standalone SATA
>controller, with the RAID option disabled.  We have a couple SuperMicro
>5013C-T servers which do this.  You can use FreeBSD software RAID
>(ataraid, ccd, or vinum) to accomplish goals instead.
>If Soren needs hardware to play with, I can gladly send him a
>P4-based motherboard.  RAM and CPU will be his own problem though... :)
I have a patch for RELENG_5 which I ported from Doug Abrisko's patch for 
4.10 that adds support for ICH5-R RAID metadata. Personally I use the 
RAID-0 mode, thus can't tell how well it would work in RAID-1.

The patch is at

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