XMMS Fatal error at line 83 (core dumped) FreeBSD 6.0-CURRENT

Rob rob at pythonemproject.com
Tue Sep 21 07:14:56 PDT 2004

Geoff Speicher wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 07:07:30AM +0200, John Asher wrote:
>>Thank you for helping me.
>>xmms works now, however if I want to listen to winamp radio, I have other  
>>lib errors.
>>I am now upgrading all ports depending on gettext, (after deleting and  
>>upgrading gettext) as I have seen in a newsgroup, that will probably solve  
>>that library error.
>>Are there some ways I can protect myself in future for this type of  
> Please copy the list in your replies to me so that others can benefit
> from and/or contribute to this discussion.
> To protect yourself against the unexpected in the future, you can follow
> the following advice excerpted from the FreeBSD Handbook, section
> [Using FreeBSD-CURRENT]:
>         Join the freebsd-current and the cvs-all lists. This is not
>         just a good idea, it is essential. If you are not on the
>         freebsd-current list, you will not see the comments that people
>         are making about the current state of the system and thus will
>         probably end up stumbling over a lot of problems that others
>         have already found and solved.  Even more importantly, you will
>         miss out on important bulletins which may be critical to your
>         system's continued health.
>         The cvs-all list will allow you to see the commit log entry for
>         each change as it is made along with any pertinent information
>         on possible side-effects.
> In this case, you would have seen this particular issue discussed on
> freebsd-current several times over the course of the last month or two,
> and it probably would have allowed you to preempt it from ever happening
> to you.
> In addition to the above, don't forget to:
> - Read /usr/src/UPDATING
> - Read /usr/ports/UPDATING
> every time you cvsup.
> Geoff
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Is xmms back in ports now?  I have been compiling it from the 
www.xmms.org source for some time now with very good success.

Sincerely,  Rob Lytle

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