RELENG_5 nfs performance

Sascha Holzleiter sascha at
Tue Sep 21 01:23:53 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 10:43 -0600, Doug Russell wrote:
> Try changing to another network card from the VIA.  Many of those vr cards
> are very buggy and difficult to get to work properly.
> Try an fxp (Intel EtherExpress) or an xl (3Com 3c905, etc.) or something
> if you have one on hand and see if that makes it work.

This seems to be the actual problem. I tried all the other proposals
like setting the media type manually which didn't change anything and
tuning the client which gave me a doubled rate of 1MB/s for server to
client transfers.

So I took the chance to insert a good old fxp nic into the server which
solved the problem. With fxp the rates are about 10Mb/s even with nfs.
So there really seems to be a glitch with nfs and vr cards on RELENG_5
unless this one is utterly broken or broken by design which I can't rule
out as this is another VIA product ;)

Thanks for all your responses.


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