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Tue Sep 21 03:19:34 PDT 2004

In message <1095761825.2535.31.camel at RabbitsDen>, "Alexandre \"Sunny\" Kovalenk
o" writes:

>> I bet you the problem is the DCD, since the most recent commit makes
>> ucom0 act like a real tty devices (rather than a cua device).
>> Can you try adding "O_NDELAY" to the open flags ?
>I have added O_NDELAY and 'open' went through. Will it break application
>or three or is it just me being silly?

Hopefully the discussion now on arch@ will result in us having "cua" devices
for USB serial ports, and that will solve the problem by giving you a
device you can open when there is no DCD signal present.

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