Cannot connect DSL with CURRENT ok with STABLE

Michael C. Shultz ringworm at
Mon Sep 20 23:50:26 PDT 2004


I have a machine that dual boots in 4.10 STABLE or 6.0 CURENT.  With identical
settings I cannot connect to Verizon DSL in CURRENT.  Any advice? Thankyou.
Here are my sttings:


 set log Phase tun command
 set ifaddr
 enable dns
 set device PPPoE:ed0
 set dial
 set login
 add default HISADDR

rc.conf <portion>

pppoed_enable="YES"  # Run the PPP over Ethernet daemon.
pppoed_provider="verizon"  # Provider and ppp(8) config file entry.
pppoed_flags="-P /var/run/" # Flags to pppoed (if enabled).
pppoed_interface="ed0"  # The interface that pppoed runs on.


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