BETA4 Vi backspace behavior

Mike B meb at
Mon Sep 20 21:19:54 PDT 2004

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

>Try hitting Control-V then your Backspace key while inside of your
>shell (or inside of a non-curses app, such as telnet).  It'll spit out
>what your backspace character is (usually ^? or ^H).
>It's highly possible it's supposed to be ^? instead of ^H.
>If it shows up as ^H, I have no other ideas.
'^v backspace' yields "^H" and '^v delete' yields "^?". The delete 
button functions properly in vi but not the backspace. I've also had 
experience when paging through the history in 'sh -E' that will show the 
correct history but when you attempt to cursor back through and make a 
change some characters from a previous command are seen jumping through 
where the cursor has just moved. Weird


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