sparc64 buildworld is broken?

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Sep 20 18:53:50 PDT 2004

At 4:00 PM -0700 9/20/04, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:


>Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>>I have only glanced at this, but here's my standard question:
>>What release are you trying to build?  You are starting at a
>>5.2.1-release system, but what are you updating to?
>err, sorry... for some reason i thought it was clear :) yes, i'm
>trying to build 6-current cvsup'ed few hours ago.
>>The little that I can add is that I just finished a buildworld on
>>sparc64 last night, [...]  I was building a 6.x-current system, but
>>there would be several extra steps that you really must do if you
>>are upgrading from 5.2.1-release to 5.x-latest or 6.x-current...
>ok, what exactly is required? i quickly glanced at UPDATING and
>UPDATING.64BTT and did not find anything related. perhaps I
>missed it?

You should not "glance through" UPDATING.64BTT, unless you have
already made the transition from 32-bit time_t to 64-bit time_t.
You have to do one buildworld with a 32-bit time_t, install that,
and then do a second build with the exact same sources except
for changing time_t.

I must admit I haven't looked at this since I finished the writeup
and the commits to switch the tree to 64-bit time_t.  I started to
look in July, but was sidetracked by some other problems.  It may
be prudent to first update to just before we made the transition,
then make the transition, and then update to -current.  That would
mean three buildworlds.

Depending on your situation, it might make more sense to just
reinstall from the latest ISO for 5.3-beta, and thus avoid any
issues with the 64bTT transition.

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