ggate trouble

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Mon Sep 20 12:45:14 PDT 2004

I have trouble with ggate devices "going bad" after some time. Here are 
the simptoms:

Creating ggate devices (on client machine) works fine. Using them right 
after devices are created (for several hours) works without problems. 
BUT, after some idle time (on the scale of 24h), devices just stop 
working. They are listed in /dev, "ggatec list" shows them, but any read 
requests made to them (e.g. using dd) fail after a few seconds of 
"waiting" with "Input/Output error". Nothing is shown in syslog.

Ggated demon on the server works fine, and doing "telnet server 3080" on 
the client establishes connection (I tried typing some garbage into the 
connection, but the server seems to ignore it, and doesn't send any data 
back; it DOES log into server syslog that it's confused when I do that 
("ggated: Requested path isn't exported: Unknown error: 0.; ggated: 

For the record: I'm using gmirror to mirror over a ggate device, and 
gmirror correctly detects and processes the read fault, and deactivates 
the provider.

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