RELENG_5 nfs performance

Sascha Holzleiter sascha at
Mon Sep 20 05:05:27 PDT 2004


I just installed a new system with 5.2.1 which shall serve as a NFS
server. While testing the performance of the system was VERY slow.

I could read from the server with about 500KB/s and write to it with
3,5MB/s on a 100MBit link. 

copying from the server:
       vr0  in      9.138 KB/s         26.394 KB/s          304.019 MB
            out   505.639 KB/s        505.639 KB/s            1.236 GB

copying to the server:
       vr0  in      3.219 MB/s          3.219 MB/s          377.028 MB
            out    79.540 KB/s         79.540 KB/s            1.248 GB

I then upgraded to 5.3-BETA4 which gives me the same results.

Is there anything I'm missing here? The system is Athlon UP system with
a via-rhine network card. I tried to set various sysctls e.g.
vm.old_msync=1 and debug.mpsafenet=0 which did not help.

One strange thing was that after some reboots I got once a rate of 9MB/s
but after the next reboot this was gone :)

Using FTP for data transport the rate is around 10Mb/s which is quite
normal so this seems to be no NIC issue.


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