FBSD-5.3-Beta4 / Project Evil core dumps

Oleg Polyakov opolyakov at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 19 12:43:28 PDT 2004

>Hi all,
>I've got a major problem with my wireless networkcard. It's has a Ralink
>2500 chipset (http://www.ralinktech.com/supp-1.htm)
>chipset. Using Project Evil I got the Windows XP drivers working with
>the kernel.
>However mostly when the interface goes (down/) up, the core dumps and
>the server is rebooted. Offcourse I have searched at the usual places
>but found no solutions so far...
>Any help would greatly appreciated!
>ndis0: NDIS API version: 5.0
That supposed to be 5.1. You should use drivers for Windows 2000/XP.
If there no such drivers - you out of luck.


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