Problem with sata drive

Mike Tancsa mike at
Sun Sep 19 16:07:49 PDT 2004

At 05:04 PM 19/09/2004, Søren Schmidt wrote:
>Uroš Gruber wrote:
>>I've notice that freebsd from beta4 does not recognize my sata 150 drive
>>anymore. With beta3 it works now with beta4 or beta5 there's only udma33.
>>I have ICH6 chipset, is there anything I can do. here is my dmesg output
>The ICH6 is not supported yet (ENOHW), so it will show up as a generic ATA 
>controller. However since all SATA controllers (at least until we get 
>SATA-II) always run the interface at 150MB/s thats what you will get no matter

         Are there big differences between the ICH5 and ICH6 controllers 
?  I have one of these boards and it seems to work fine if I add a def for 
it in  ata-pci.h and ata-chipset.c. Also what does ENOHW mean ? I didnt 
find it in google.


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