cvsup (ezm3 - modula) build error

Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.Strobl at
Sat Sep 18 17:30:54 PDT 2004

Am Sonntag, 19. September 2004 01:49 schrieb John Polstra:
> On 17-Sep-2004 Emanuel Strobl wrote:
> > new source -> compiling ../src/float/IEEE/Real.i3
> >
> >
> > ***
> > *** runtime error:
> > ***    Segmentation violation - possible attempt to dereference NIL
> > ***    pc = 0x8157111
> > ***
> Get rid of -O2 or whatever you're using, and use plain old -O.  I
> have plans to fix the port so it does this itself.

Thanks, like Daniel Eriksson advised me, I removed -O2 temporarily.
This solved my problem so I didn't answer.
I turned on -O2 because the last bugs from base were fixed and I remember some 
discussions about testing with -O2 wich every developer _should_ do. Well I'm 
not a developer but I did. Sorry for the noise, next time I'll remember the 
old rule to disable any optimization _before_ reporting errors.

My first FreeBSD was 3.0 and cvsup is one af the really highly appreciated 
tools which I use since then, so I think it's not that important to get the 
modulo compiler -O2 capable. There are much more urgent bugs to fix, 
especially ataraid related, and that's base not ports!

Thank you,


> John
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