init.bak after 'make installworld'

Rostislav Krasny rosti_bsd at
Fri Sep 17 09:11:28 PDT 2004

> uname -a
FreeBSD localhost 5.3-BETA4 FreeBSD 5.3-BETA4 #0: Thu Sep 16 19:19:27
IDT 2004     root at localhost:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386

Hello. Accidentally I've found that installing a new world makes a
backup copy of init(8). See below:

> ls -lo /sbin/ini*
-r-x------  1 root  wheel  schg 482036 Sep 16 17:10 /sbin/init
-r-x------  1 root  wheel  -    482036 Sep 11 15:28 /sbin/init.bak

The /usr/src/sbin/init/Makefile have following line:

INSTALLFLAGS=-fschg -b -B.bak

What is the reason one should have /sbin/init.bak after installation of
a new world? Why the 'schg' flag is removed on this file?


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