pf not logging on 5.3-BETA3 ?

Thomas T. Veldhouse veldy at
Fri Sep 17 07:05:03 PDT 2004

Tomas Verbaitis wrote:

>>I am seeing these same issue.  PF is working just fine, but 
>>/var/log/pflog is only 24 bytes long and full of garbage. 
>UPDATING entry of 20040914 on RELENG_5
>        The format of the pflogd(8) logfile "/var/log/pflog" has changed for
>        architectures that have a 64 bit long type to make it compatible to
>        the standard pcap format. In order to prevent corruption move away
>        any old logfile before using a new pflogd(8).
The latest entry in /usr/src/UPDATING on my system is from 20040907.

        The kernel and userland debugging options have been turned off
        by default.

I am glad that is there now.

Tom Veldhouse
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