Panic with umass device - trace included - unable to obtain dump

Phil Schulz ph.schulz at
Thu Sep 16 16:11:59 PDT 2004

[Sorry about replying to myself...]

Phil Schulz wrote:
>  I've also added "dumpdev" and "dumpdir" to /etc/rc.conf, but after I 
> `reset` the PC from the db> prompt, I don't get any core dumps in 
> /var/core; savecore just says "no dumps found" on boot.
>  I've searched google and revealed [1]. I then tried to enter the 
> debugger from the console and issued `panic` and I did get a core dump 
> then.

Nevermind the thing about not getting a core dump... `call doadump` does 
the trick. ;-)


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