Call for testers, if_bge patch for BCM570x users

Bill Paul wpaul at FreeBSD.ORG
Thu Sep 16 09:35:51 PDT 2004

> Bill,
> A couple questions:
> 1.  Could the issue at hand also cause watchdog timeout messages?  I have
> seen such messages on one of my home FreeBSD systems "occasionally",
> almost always during boot-up.  Sadly I don't have examples to provide
> (the last time it happened was 2-3 weeks ago).  Also, the system in
> question uses 100mbit over CAT5 copper, not gige.

No, I don't think so.
> 2.  "Should" your patch work against the BCM5788 chip?  If so, I'll be
> happy to test in a couple of hours (once I get finished with dinner :)):

The BCM5788 is just another 5705 variant. If you don't actually have
a gigE link, then you don't see the spurious messages, but the problem
remains (doing ifconfig bge0 might reset the link unnecessarily). At
the very least, it would be nice to know it doesn't break anything.


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