ISDN4BSD broken...

Matthias Schuendehuette msch at
Wed Sep 15 09:00:33 PDT 2004

Hello Nate,

thank you for your reply!

On Tuesday 14 September 2004 00:36, you wrote:
> It's probably IRQ routing related.  Try changing the check in
> acpi_pci_link_is_valid_irq() to this:
> if (link->interrupts[i] == irq || AcpiGbl_FADT->SciInt == irq)

I did this, but nothing changed.

After that I double-checked 'dmesg' and found no second device, which 
shares the IRQ 10 of the ISA-Card (as it should be).

So it's definitely ACPI related but probably *not* IRQ-Routing related - 
as far as I understand what IRQ-Routing should do... (distribute the 
various PCI-Devices to the few free IRQ-Lines).

Is there anything else I should/could do?
Ciao/BSD - Matthias

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