(i386) 5.3-BETA3 very unstable userland.

Klaus Robert Suetterlin robert at mpe.mpg.de
Thu Sep 16 00:25:25 PDT 2004

I hope this is not too old news for all of You.  I tried 5.3-BETA3
on a PIII-700.  There are times all my userland stuff crashes (signal
11 -> coredump) on invocation.

That means for some time the system seems to run nice and stable.
Then 50 invocations of sh (in make) or getty or similar fast
respawning things just crash.  If this happens too often (I can't
give numbers!) all programs crash when executed.  This ends in the
whole system beeing unable to shutdown because it can't start any
new processes.  All running processes seem to continue working just

It can also happen, that after waiting some time this effectr goes
away and the system again seems to work stable.

Regards, Robert S.

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