AMD64: with 3ware 9500 cards

Jean-Yves Avenard jean-yves.avenard at
Wed Sep 15 05:53:39 PDT 2004

On 15/09/2004, at 10:47 PM, Mark Sergeant wrote:

> Do you happen to have any other drives you could try ? I've got a dual 
> opteron 250 with a 9500-8S and 5.3-BETA4 and it works out of the box 
> with Western Digital drives.

I too use Western Digital drives.
However, I have data (8 74GB 10Krpm drives in RAID5) I'm not keen at 
all on loosing the data on those drives :)

There's also a SCSI drive on this server (which contains / ) Adaptec 
Ultra-Wide SCSI 320
It seems to work fine.

Reading the net, and googling everwhere, it seems that few people have 
reported that even with this last FreeBSD release it still doesn't work

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