Solved! Evil trouble (Am1772/PQP-WP288P)

Mattias Schlenker mattias at
Wed Sep 15 01:53:06 PDT 2004

Mattias Schlenker wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I just ran into evil trouble when trying to use NDISulator together 
> with a cheap Am1772 card. The card itself is labelled ,,NetVision 
> 802.11b''. On the back is the FCC ID ,,PQP-WP288P''. The drivers 
> supplied seem to be from October 2003:  

> The md5s indicate that the same card is also sold as E-Tech WLPC05 (at 
> least their driver has the same)

> Maybe this card is sold under a dozen other names too...
> Anyway, I tried to build ndis.ko and if_ndis.ko with the supplied SYS- 
> and INF-files. When I try to load if_ndis.ko into my GENERIC Kernel, 
> it locks.

Just to make googling for a solution easier:

Peter van Dijk provided a hint:

Use the supplied drivers for Windows 9x/ME instead of the XP-drivers! 
Afterwards, the two modules will load just fine. Before trying the 
9x-SYS-file I also increased KSTACK_PAGES to 8 which did not help with 
the XP-SYS-file.

options         KSTACK_PAGES=8

I will decrease this number later, to see if the module built from the 
9x-SYS-file also works with the standard values.


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