ATA/SATA lockups

Tony Byrne tonyb at
Tue Sep 14 01:38:06 PDT 2004

Hello Eric,

Tuesday, September 14, 2004, 4:14:06 AM, you wrote:

EG> I'm been having a strange problem with various builds of FreeBSD - 5.2-RELEASE
EG> (at least) and up to 5.3-BETA4. Random hard lockups are occuring when writing
EG> to two separate SATA drives.


EG> I don't have much hard evidence
EG> and information to provide. How can I go about gathering more information? I've
EG> tried enabling WITNESS and other kernel debugging options, but no extra
EG> debugging data was produced.


EG> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I experienced the same problem with current a few months ago, with an
Intel ICH5 chipset and an 80Gb SATA drive.  I was virtually guaranteed a hard
lockup at least once a day during work hours and every morning I'd
arrive in to a frozen box.  There was no pattern to the lockups.

I "solved" the problem by moving to a non-SATA drive and removing the
SATA drive from the system.

Does anyone know the current status of ICH5 support?  I remember a number of
mails to the list about ICH5 issues, but don't remember if these were
ever addressed.



Tony Byrne

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