[Patch] panics/hangs with preemption and threads.

John Baldwin jhb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Sep 13 10:34:08 PDT 2004

On Sunday 12 September 2004 02:39 am, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Guys I think I found a (the?) major cause for the corruptions of the
> ksegrp/thread runqueue for threaded processes when Premption is turned on..
> When a thread is scheduled in setrunqueue() the firt thing that is done
> is that it is put in the correct place in the ksegrp's run queue,.
> then if it is in the top N spots (where N is the defined concurrency
> and is usually <= NCPU) it is passed down to the system scheduler
> using sched_add().
> Sched_add can call maybe_preempt() which can decide to switch out the
> current thread and switch to the new one immediatly.
> The trouble with that is that we have already put the new one on the
> ksegrp's run queue! When that thread is next put on the run queue using
> setrunqueue() it is already there, and we end up with an infinitly looping
> run queue. Any code that follows that list will never end. and the system
> will freeze.
> Here is a patch that solves it but I'm not happy about it..
> John, you wrote the preemption code..
> do you have any ideas about how to do this cleaner?
> One possibility is to make sched_add return a value that indicates if the
> thread was handled immediatly.  that would allow setrunqueue to only set it
> into the ksegrp's run queue if it was not already handled.
> Other suggestions welcome.

I think it's probably a good idea to do the preemption check before putting 
the thread on the kse group.  However, that might break ULE and some things 
it does (ULE pins interrupt threads but does it in sched_add, perhaps that is 
a hack and the pinning should be done in ithread_schedule instead).  Changing 
sched_add() to return a boolean similar to maybe_preempt() is probably ok as 
an alternative then.  Also, there's really no need for an additional 
SRQ_NOPREEMPT flag, that just duplicates critical_enter()/critical_exit().  
The same is probably true of SRQ_YIELDING and SRQ_MYSELF (preemption already 
doesn't preempt to curthread since the priorities are equal).  The place that 
uses SRQ_YIELDING can just add a critical section around the call to 
setrunqueue().  Note that when a preemption is deferred due to a nested 
critical section, the preemption doesn't actually occur until the outermost 
critical section is exited, so if you do this:

	blah blah;
	if (foo) {
		mi_switch(NULL, SW_VOL);

That won't actually preempt.

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