warning messages from root mount until login, also my rc.conf file

Rob rob at pythonemproject.com
Sun Sep 12 16:30:24 PDT 2004

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

>On 2004-09-09 13:54, Rob <rob at pythonemproject.com> wrote:
>>Sorry about attaching files but can't seem to put them inline with
>>mozilla.  Perhaps Sylpheed would work better.
>Copy/paste works in mozilla as expected, but you should probably stick
>to attachments for material that the text formatting matters at all,
>since Mozilla and practically all the GUI mailers that I've tried tend
>to do strange and evil things to the formatting of text.
>>[snip a file that looks a lot like a copy of defaults/rc.conf in /etc].
>Hmmm, this is wrong.  Definitely wrong.  The `rc.conf' file in /etc is
>meant to be a much smaller file than `/etc/defaults/rc.conf' and it most
>certainly does *NOT* need an initial #!/bin/sh line.
>The `/etc/rc.conf' file is not supposed to be a copy of the entire
>`/etc/defaults/rc.conf' file.  It should only contain overrides (as the
>comment of the first paragraph below mentions:
>># This is rc.conf - a file full of useful variables that you can set
>># to change the default startup behavior of your system.  You should
>># not edit this file!  Put any overrides into one of the ${rc_conf_files}
>># instead and you will be able to update these defaults later without
>># spamming your local configuration information.
>If this is not /etc/rc.conf but /etc/defaults/rc.conf please read again
>the comments above.  You should not edit this file directly!
>If this is your /etc/rc.conf though, make sure you trim away whatever is
>not needed.  An rc.conf file that would work fine for a workstation with
>one network interface card and several customizations for local services
>and/or options could look like this (most of this is copied from my own
>rc.conf at home):
>	# system console options:
>	cursor="destructive"
>	keyrate="200.35"
>	# misc options:
>	clear_tmp_enable="YES"
>	dumpdev="/dev/ad0s3b"
>	# network related options:
>	hostname="pc15.example.net"
>	network_interfaces="lo0 sis0"
>	ifconfig_lo0="inet"
>	ifconfig_sis0="inet"
>	# firewall setup:
>	firewall_enable="YES"
>	firewall_quiet="YES"
>	firewall_logging="YES"
>	firewall_type="/etc/ipfw.rules"
>	# 1. enabled services:
>	usbd_enable="YES"
>	syslogd_enable="YES"
>	syslogd_flags="-s -s"
>	# 2. disabled services:
>	inetd_enable="NO"
>	sshd_enable="NO"
>	rpc_lockd_enable="NO"
>	rpc_statd_enable="NO"
>	portmap_enable="NO"
>	devd_enable="NO"
>- Giorgos
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With a couple of exceptions, like nfs,  I didnt think I had unused info 
in there.  I will take a look at it and also what I posted.  Maybe I 
goofed and did post defaults/etc    Rob

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