suspend/resume panic in ACPI..

Søren Schmidt sos at
Sun Sep 12 02:49:03 PDT 2004

Nate Lawson wrote:

> More info about the panic (i.e. message, backtrace, etc.) would help here.

OK, on a current from todays morning ~10:00 CEST and commenting out the 
guts of acpi_cmbat.c:resume() I managed to get this trace, hope that 
helps you in finding out why ACPI panics...

(hand transscribed no serial console)

panic: vm_page_remove: page not busy

panic + 0xbb
vm_page_remove + 0x22
vm_page_free_toq + 0x78
vm_page_free_zero + 0x15
_pmap_unwire_pte_hold + 0x65
pmap_unuse_pt + 0x65
pmap_remove_pte + 0xa9
pmap_remove_page + 0x26
pmap_remove + 0xa0
acpi_sleep_machdep + 0x329
acpi_SetSleepState + 0x227
acpi_system_eventhandler_sleep + 0x14
acpi_event_sleep_button_sleep + 0x74
acpi_button_notify_sleep + 0xa0
acpi_task_thread + 0xbd
fork_exit + 0x75
fork_trampoline + 0x8


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